12 Empowering Tips to Experience More Happiness In Your Life

      Most people adopt an attitude that does not control their own happiness. They firmly believe their situation, are other people and what happens to them in life, that determine how happy they are. But this is a false belief - unless you want to see yourself as a victim!

      Their erroneous thinking comes from the cause and the effect of confusion. The reality is that you are the cause and the circumstances are the effect. It is the interaction of your thoughts, feelings and actions or attitude that determines the conditions you will experience in life.

      This means that you who makes you happy or unhappy, usually based on what you think, feel and act. Wait for others and circumstances to "make" you happy is not only unrealistic; Sets you up for endless disappointment.

      Successful people know that the secret of happiness is living inside. Outside always reflects what is going on inside. When the internal attitude is good, external circumstances tend to be positive.

      There are certain benefits to be enjoyed by the person looking to be happy, including the following:

  • Happiness is the perfect antidote to anxiety and anxiety. Bobby McFerrin in his song "Do not worry, be happy," he says: "In life, we have problems, when you worry, you do it twice ..." Worry only gets worse things; Rather choose to be happy!
  • Happy people are better equipped to handle the stress of life. Stress is an important factor in today's great murderers, such as heart disease, stroke and cancer factor. Anything that reduces stress leads to better health, including a happy disposition.
  • Happiness increases their quality of life. Happy people tend to have a more optimistic view of life. In general, they are waiting for things to go well for them. A positive expectant attitude acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, so that more often than not, attract or demonstrate more satisfactory results.

      Finally, I would like to leave you with some tips that could help you become a happier person if you put into practice:

  1. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own happiness. In the final analysis, you create your own happiness, or the absence of it.

      2. Stop playing the blame game. It is useless to blame someone or something for their lack of happiness, when it is your sole responsibility.

      3. Stop putting off your happiness. Not Sacrifice your happiness now, waiting for that perfect event or that perfect person, when maybe never materializes. Choose to be happy now!

      4. Express your gratitude every day for all the blessings you already have. An attitude of gratitude recognize that you are rich in many ways in addition to money.

      5. Forgive others when they do not behave as you want, or feel that you have offended. Will retain hurts that the person who clings to resentments. Practical pardon; It makes you feel better.

      6. Stop comparing yourself to others. Understand that your self-esteem does not depend on what you have, or what others think of you. You're never competing with anyone else. Its value comes from its unique character.

      7. Adopt a positive attitude of hope that things go smoothly. The funny thing is that very often this is exactly what will happen - you get what you expected!

      8. Stop taking life seriously! Do not worry about the little things. Avoid the trap of thinking that your need to be right is more important than your need to be happy.

      9. Be open to change. We all know that change is inevitable, so why complain and resist? Adopt a state of mind that embraces change and is bound to be a happier person.

      10. Exercise the power to laugh. Laugh every day, and do it brilliantly! As the saying goes: "Laughter is the best medicine" - and most likely the best way to neutralize anger!

      11. Stop listening to the news. It is amazing how many people insist on having their dose of bad news, then let your dictation dictate for the day. Most news is depressing, and there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

      12. Avoid negative people when possible. While they are not directly responsible for your negative feelings, they create a gloomy mood that can erode your happiness, unless you know how to counteract it.

      Some of these tips may sound like common sense, but don't make the mistake of underestimating the difference they can make in our lives. We'll all do well to heed them more often!

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