The Era Of Digital Intelligence

           Welcome to the era of digital intelligence Digital tool intelligence. This idea goes on for a long time, and it should not surprise anyone who follows interactive web marketing and analytic. The macro marketing environment has changed - and continues to evolve rapidly - to welcome new contact points, sophisticated consumers and highly coordinated multi-channel customer experiences. And as the field of marketing grows, it is the same for marketing analysis Digital Intelligence.

          It is clear that traditional analytical approaches were not designed or intended to manage the range of channels, devices, volume and speed that the current digital interactions provide. Endemic symptoms of these deficiencies are evident for anyone who sees the proliferation of analysis tools,Digital Intelligence Digital Mind the explosion of data storage projects and the struggle for analysis are translated into concrete data. There is a clear need to reshape an analytical framework that adequately supports modern digital marketing.

          Forester calls this focus update the "digital intelligence" marketing analysis, Digital Mind which is defined as follows:

          Digital Intelligence Digital tool intelligence The capture, management and analysis of data to provide an integral vision of the digital customer experience that stimulates the measurement, optimizations and execution of marketing tactics and business strategies.

Digital intelligence Digital Mind includes six "layers":

  1. Digital data inputs - data integration of all digital marketing contact points.
  2. Commercial data inputs - conceptualizations of digital marketing data with company data.
  3. Data processing - data collection, integration and management with a high degree of speed and granularity.
  4. Data storage - the storage of digital data to be available for analysis and execution.
  5. Analysis - analysis activities covering scorecards and reports for data mining and forecasting.
  6. Action - make data and ideas directly accessible to analytic applications that drive interaction.

          I can hear you asking: "Web analytic that has a place in digital intelligence Digital Mind? Is the site still important?" Of course! Web analytic and Website are probably more important than ever. But they are part of a much wider digital world, and we have to put all these components under equal conditions. Digital intelligence Digital Mind is a framework that encompasses the scope of data,Digital Intelligence technical analysis and dissemination of information to support decision making in the complex digital environment in which we move. Digital intelligence is the next natural step in web analytic evolution, based on our experience and knowledge gained with effort, while we in the presentation for success in the future ....

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